Monday, May 14, 2012

The crucifixion

This may very well be my last post. So I figured I'd explain what Calvary means to me. Christ doesn't obey suffer and die as a substitute to exempt us from the hardship of obeying suffering and dying. Rather Christ does it in order to endow us with his spirit. To reproduce in us his own life and love , his own sonship and suffering , his own death and resurrection.  Through the eyes of Luther , God unleashes his wrath upon the cross where he no longer sees his son  who was a willing victim. But God only sees our sin. This act in itself would be an injustice.  In truth we believe god saw his son, and his sons humanity never looked so beautiful .  He wants to impart that love to us, and enable us to partake in that divine sonship by offering our own lives as a sacrifice for the sake of Gods love. Christ makes up for what we lack, gives us what we need. Jesus then assumes what is ours, "human nature ". In order to impart to us what is his, "divine sonship" He does this through the holy spirit at baptism. It is not how much Christ suffered that brings us salvation. It is how much he loves us that does

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